The measure of success

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September 23, 2020
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We often hear some people wailing, “The world has collapsed on me!” It is a ventilation of emotional agony, despair, pain, sadness, and hopelessness. Tragic experiences like losing a loved one and other misfortunes trigger these emotional pains. Shock, denial, grief and sometimes, anger outweigh acceptance by the affected person. In some instances, suicidal tendencies become the dominant way of escape from the onslaught of severe misery and pain.

We were introduced to a story during our literature class in high school about “the last leaf.” It is about how a gravely ill patient was able to survive because of a solitary leaf clinging to a branch of a tree outside his hospital window. Everyday he checked on that leaf if it was still there. When he finally got well, he found out that the “leaf” was actually painted on the wall of the adjacent building. It was the final masterpiece of a roommate who did not survive his illness.

Once in a while we are confronted with situations that appear insurmountable. Face to face with raging adversity, we forget to consider the silver linings in the passing cloud overhead. At times we resort to cursing the darkness instead of lighting our candles. We forget that with all its imperfections, much in our world is still free, bright and beautiful!

One night inside a prison cell, two inmates were looking outside through a small window. The first one was teary-eyed and angry blurting, “The world is dirty, stench smelling and full of darkness!”

The second one, smiling and composed, retorted, “No, it’s not! The world is beautiful, you can see its glitters and light even when darkness is all around!”

The first one was looking down at the gutter outside. The second one was looking at the stars in the skies.

Hellen Keller once said: “If the outlook is not good, try the uplook. It is always good!”

We hear the shared mantra of successful people who have gone through trials and tribulations along their way to the top: “Success is measured not because one never fell; it is in rising everytime one falls.”

Man is destined to feel the pains that come along with his quests to survive and ultimately, succeed. The problems and challenges he has to face are valuable lessons to learn in order for him to grow, become more capable and better than how he has been. Many times, as he confronts adversities, failures and misery are disguised springboards to success and victory, kind of redemption or getting past the gauntlets of life. A long distance runner who opts to train on a downhill track will most likely fail to win compared to the one who endures the uphill training during which leg strength, stamina, speed and mental toughness are developed as essential needs to win the long race.

It’s no small thing if we consider the scientific-proven fact that each human being is a product of a union of the mother’s ovum and one of the millions of sperm cells from the father. These sperm cells are distinctly different from each other and competed in a race towards the egg of at the womb. It’s survival-of-the-fittest kind and only one ended up the winner.

YOU are not here had any other of the sperm cells from your father got lucky to win that race. To a great extent, you are born a WINNER!

Think about that. And always remember: a winner never quits, and a quitter…you are not!/WDJ

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