Physical distancing in vehicles

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September 18, 2020
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There have been several arguments on the so-called physical distancing in jeepneys. The plan to reduce the one meter distancing into three-fourth of a meter gap between passengers seems a coffee talk debate. Observers said it won’t matter much on the income of jeepney drivers for more take home money. But there is a serious concern if passengers become closer to each other. 

The public would opt for more jeepneys and buses to be allowed to ply their routes rather than be so meticulous on the seat distancing, many think.


Motorcycle safe driving

The Citizens Traffic and Roadwatch Group intends to suggest to Negros Occidental Governor Bong Lacson that a provincial ordinance or resolution be set in the province that all motorcycle and tricycle drivers be urged to wear reflective vests from 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. when on the road.

The idea is to put more safety in driving for the drivers. The group suggests that this will be a province-wide effort of all local government units and that erring drivers be penalized for disobeying.

The public conforms to this safety measure and hopes that the government will see its validity.


Return PhilHealth money

Opinions run around that it is not enough for the government to prosecute those who have committed corruption and scams in the PhilHealth circle. Many said that to put these corrupt officials behind bars is not enough. Those hospitals that received advances and could not liquidate within seven days must return the money to PhilHealth.

Innocent PhilHealth members take the sacrifice of the misdeeds of these officers, a teacher said. Their personal properties must be confiscated to give them a lesson, said an angered PhilHealth member. The suspected “mafia” in the organization must be dug up and make them all accountable for the billions of pesos lost, said a senior citizen.


Businesses must continue

It is sad to note that until today, the country’s economy has gone down the drain. Taking the case of Western Visayas region alone, tourism business has lost a million fold. Thousands have lost their jobs all because of this Covid-19 pandemic.

While everyone has to be careful with the pandemic scene, others said that there should also be tolerance in allowing businesses to move. There are no ferry travels between the islands in the region and this has caused financial pains on drivers, porters, businessmen, carinderia owners, and more.

If only local government leaders could instill iron hand discipline there will be lesser pandemic problems, many insisted.

The laxity of barangay leaders and even the police contribute to the pandemic worries. Savings of households are now drained up. The poorer ones are most affected. Dole outs are not solutions.


More thieves today

Many individuals are now forced into stealing due to the rule of government that stores and business establishments are urged to close. More theft cases are now in the line due to poverty.

Reports of incidents that house dogs are now being poisoned is a clear signal that more robbery incidents are now into trending.

Many do not have resources anymore and stealing becomes their way of life. If employment gets back into the picture then lesser crimes are expected./WDJ

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