Age is just a number

Posted by watchmen
September 9, 2020
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Society has, for years, accepted a distorted perception about aged individuals as “spent and decrepit” members of the human race.

This gives the notion that people who have accumulated a certain number of years in their existence are mostly treading on a downward path in terms of productivity and usefulness.

Hence, there is this quite sad description of the aged as those in the twilight of their years just as the youngsters are in the early part of the day. Starting at age 40, contrary to the optimistic expression that life is just starting, a person is marked to be on his “point of diminishing return.”

The truth, however, is far from this laid- out packaging of people who are considered “old.”

The original Webster Dictionary in 1828 defines “old” as “outgrown usefulness; belonging to the past; shabby; stale”.

Webster went on to define “young” as “youthfully fresh in body or mind or feeling.”

From these definitions, being old or young is just a state of mind. Some people who are in their prime years may be older than the groovy-thinking people past their 60s.

There are many who would readily give a thumbs-up on this declaration, people who possess and live their lives the same way they’ve done during the past scores or decades. Many of these are as youthful-looking, youthful-speaking and youthful-thinking as the teenagers of today.

What’s amazing is the fact that people past their 60s, those we label as senior citizens, “gurangs,” old school, etc., continue to stand on the helm of organizations and undertakings, playing essential roles in keeping the various aspects of operations, both in public and private endeavors.

This, in effect, debunks the stupid idea that the aged are “old.” As one philosopher avers, “I think, therefore, I am.”

After all, it’s not really the number of years in your life that matters. It’s the life in all those years./WDJ

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