The face shield issue

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August 28, 2020
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Although it’s an added cost for Juan dela Cruz, many believe that face shield will be a great help in protecting them from the virus. When the Department of Health issued a directive for a specific brand and specification of face shield, many Pinoys were angered as they suspected that somebody has some vested interests in that specific brand. 

“Yes, we suspect that the brand is not saleable in the market and its owners could have approached someone in authority to endorse their product with that foam in the forehead,” a mother mentioned with malice.

After all the bashings in social media, the authorities allowed other face shield specifications. “That is a signal of indecisiveness of some men in authority,” said a lawyer.



Japan products

With face mask and face shield now mandatory for mobility of citizens, Japan came out with a virus card that could shut out air bacteria within meters around a user. Many believe this is another safety item that the citizens could make use of to avoid the bacteria that goes about around the air. With the pandemic, people are now very conscious about cleanliness. But before, many do not wash their hands before eating but rather after eating.



Public schools lack bond paper supply

People are wondering if the Department of Education is providing the needed supplies of educational materials to public schools with the introduction of the modular learning. It is said that the teachers have to reach out to the community for support for the supply of bond paper.

Most parents believe that modular learning is more effective than the online education.

“The communication lines of the telcos are not reliable at all so students will use this as an alibi to miss their classes,” said a retired teacher. “But looking at this concern, a helping hand from the private sector is best to help the students.”

There is a group now toying with the idea of organizing “Tulong sa Edukasyon” to campaign for support from private individuals and companies with big hearts.



Is early curfew an advantage this pandemic?

Residents of Bacolod City remain in a quandary as to the validity and logic of the new curfew hours. City officials have implemented the revised curfew hours from 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.

“We simply want to hear a validation of the early curfew; if we find valid reason and logic to it in connection with the pandemic, then so be it,” said a restaurateur.

Many claim it has affected the economic scene in the city and making it too early makes workers rushing to wait for a jeepney or bus ride, and the physical distancing in jeepney stops is already futile.

“This early curfew has seriously affected businesses since the stores are obliged to close as early as 6 in the evening when that becomes a peak period when employees leave their office and buy their needed goods,” said a banker.



Entertaining imported vaccine

One must have heard of the Fabunan vaccine. Dr. Fabunan has been in active practice in helping society in eradicating health risks in the country for several years already. Many Filipinos are simply confused and amused why the health authorities of this kenkoy country (ever since) are not supporting and inspiring Dr. Fabunan to develop further his medication. Is it because the doctor is local and the authorities have the colonial mentality that imported is better than local?

“Is it not that the Department of Trade is campaigning to support local products or inventions?” asked an engineer.

When President Duterte announced a P50-million reward for any local invention of the Covid-19 vaccine, the name of Fabunan came out in the open. But the health authorities blocked the doctor in testing the vaccine.

“It is said that the doctor has a sibling working in a virology department of a health institution in America,” mentioned a nurse.

“With this complicated mind, there is a strong suspicion that some faggots in government do not opt for Fabunan to succeed because they could hardly make a fortune from the doctor,” suspected a medical personality.

Amen we pray for this country!/WDJ

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