Treñas seeks end to discrimination against medical workers

Posted by watchmen
March 23, 2020
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In response to reports of medical workers being discriminated against in Iloilo City, Mayor Jerry P. Treñas called for an end to discrimination.
“I have been receiving messages that our fellow Ilonggos, who are in the medical [field], are [being] discriminated [against],” the mayor said. “Buses reject them, karinderyas won’t sell to them, their landlords evicted them-we should not allow this to happen.”
“If they cannot eat, go to work, or sleep, who will take care of you if you will be infected?” he added. “Would you also want them to treat you the same?”
Meanwhile, amid reports of medical staff being denied entry into boarding houses, Treñas announced medical staff deployed to the city will be provided with accomodations.
“To keep our medical staff safe, and upon the call for help from our fellow Ilonggos, I would like to inform the medical staff that we will be setting up Iloilo City College for your accommodations,” the mayor said. “Please bring beddings and food in the meantime.”
Treñas also called on city residents to volunteer and house medical workers.
“You can sponsor medical staff for food and lodging,” he added. “Any help will go a long way.”/WDJ

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