Fil-Sino Asia Brewery Invitational Cup

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March 17, 2020
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Redeemer-Summit, Choi-Brew Kettle win

Redeemer-Summit Still and Sparkling and Choi-Brew Kettle both scored wins in the Fil-Sino Asia Brewery Invitational Cup Class A semifinals last week at the Bacolod Tay Tung High School Po Hang Gym. Redeemer-Summit ousted the top seed, NOAC-Beer na Beer Strong, with a 100-94 win; while Choi-Brew Kettle pulled off a 92-74 victory over Province of Negros Occidental-Cobra Original.
After Redeemer-Summit took a 28-20 lead in the first period, NOAC-Beer na Beer went on to cut their deficit to 53-49 in the following quarter. The gap shrank further to 77-75 until Joemarie Bayhon and Peter John Deles pushed Redeemer-Summit to a 10-point lead; however, NOAC-Beer na Beer responded with Gerald Abrot and John Morales making it a one-point game.
Deles, who led Redeemer-Summit with 27 points, scored 12 of the team’s final 14 points to seal a spot in the finals.
Meanwhile, Ryan Maningo added 14 points for the winning side, Bayhon contributed 13, Bambam Oquindo – 10, Richard Verayo – eight.
Despite the loss, Tommy Andren scored 20 points for NOAC-Beer na Beer, Morales added 17, Abrot – 16, John Enaya – 12, and Glen Dormido – 10.
In the other game, Choi-Brew Kettle took a 29-18 opening quarter lead; however, Negros Occidental managed to cut their deficit to 46-40 at the break.
Choi-Brew Kettle went on to recover in the second half after holding a double-digit lead.
Richard Dairo led the win with 32 points, while Justine Baldonado added 15, Bonbon Cadagat – 11, Jhornel Laborte – eight, and Pitaw De La Peña – six.
For Negros Occidental, Ronald Ryan De La Cruz finished with 24 points, Warren Alintano scored 17, Peewee Demonteverde – 11, Sandy Laquesta – eight.
However, due to ongoing concerns surrounding the coronavirus disease, the Class A finals and the Class B semifinals have been postponed.
In Class B, Summit next faces Cobra Citrus, while Cobra Berry Blast will meet Nestea./ASC, WDJ

Richard Dairo led Choi-Brew Kettle with 32 points in their 92-74 victory last week over Province of Negros Occidental-Cobra Original.

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