Jaro police encounter difficulties with probe into murdered ex-con

Posted by watchmen
March 16, 2020

The Jaro Police Station has encountered difficulties while investigating last Friday’s killing of 49-year-old Eljun Ledesma, a San Isidro resident and former convict who was jailed on drug charges. According to local police chief, Police Captain Eduardo Siacon, they have “no idea” why he was killed.
The fatality was killed while riding a tricycle driven by 20-year-old Prince Jonard Macaylo. Riding-in-tandem gunmen reportedly shot Ledesma in the head and back, while the driver was shot in the right leg and lower back. The latter is currently confined at the West Visayas State University Medical Center.
Ledesma was earlier jailed for three years and released last year after negotiating a plea bargain. However, according to police, he was later associated with the Gregory Drug Group under the leadership of now-detained Bonnie Gregory, the nephew of slain drug lord Richard Prevendido.
“After he was released, he went back to his illegal drug activity [and] was under the group of Bonnie Gregory,” Siacon affirmed.
Police are considering illegal drugs as a motive behind the killing; however, he noted, “All possible angles are being investigated.”./WDJ

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