Himamaylan City student accused of harassing, mauling teacher

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March 5, 2020

By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga

A student of Raymundo T. Tongson National High School-Su-ay Extension in Himamaylan City faces accusations of harassment and battery. According to an affidavit filed by 23-year-old teacher Kristel Anne Valencia, the accused 16-year-old minor allegedly harassed and physically attacked her.
She claimed, last month, the student sent a message on an online chat reading, “Hey send nude.” The message was forwarded to teacher-in-charge Ma. Lynn Munchuelas, who happened to be the involved student’s grandmother. She advised the teacher to personally speak with the student and inquire about the messages.
On February 26, Valencia met with the student alone in the principal’s office, where the accused denied sending the message. The exchange escalated after the student called the teacher “Ungo (Dumb)” and “good for nothing.”
According to Valencia, the student claimed they were being blamed for everything and declared, “Bay-i da ma expel (I don’t care if I get expelled).” The student then reportedly removed their ID and sling bag, stood in front of Valencia while wrapping their fist with a handkerchief, and proceeded to punch her in the forehead.
The student then allegedly pulled her hair and pressed the teacher’s face into the sofa.
Other faculty members intervened, including Kristine Joy Torcita, the student’s mother.
“What hurtful words did you say to my child?” the student’s mother allegedly shouted to the accuser. “Why do you have to force him to admit to something he did not do?”
“It’s your fault that you talked to him alone,” she added.
Valencia claimed Torcita challenged her to file a case and vowed to counter-sue.
The victim incurred several injuries and, based on a medical certificate presented alongside the affidavit, suffered a concussion and was advised to rest for three to five days.
The involved student’s family has yet to comment on the incident./DGB, WDJ

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