Slow drivers must keep right

Posted by watchmen
March 4, 2020
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There have been several road mishaps between motorcycles and other vehicles, particularly because many motorcyclists are unaware of how to drive correctly. Knowing traffic laws and understanding how to drive properly is imperative.
Motorcyclists are often seen swerving between lanes and cutting off other motorists, seemingly under the impression that the larger vehicle will be at fault if something were to happen.
Observing highways in Bacolod City, Bago City, and Silay City, slow drivers continue to occupy the left lane, or the passing lane (some do not understand the concept of a passing lane). Tricycles, motorcycles, and other slow-moving vehicles must keep right. Due to their insistence on keeping to the left, the right lane has become the passing lane-this must be corrected.
Additionally, despite traffic authorities designating roads in Bacolod City as “No Parking” sites, they also fail to provide parking spaces for driving public.
There is no discipline among private and public drivers in the city and they need to be educated. The best way is for traffic enforcers to undergo correct training.

This column greets Joey Solinap, Christopher Maque, Leslie Gonzaga-Ongsingco, Elsie Gonzaga, Karen Dinsay, Tony Agustin, Tony Oquindo, Paolo Araneta, Doc Chris Sorongon, Macky Amores, Ray Tabafunda, and Dhadha Garcia./WDJ


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