Animal bite management

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February 26, 2020
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Last Sunday, I visited a regional hospital and was surprised to see how organized they were in handling emergency cases despite being very congested. The high volume of patients is expected considering the facility caters to those from across the province, including Bacolod City. However, as a lone congressional district, the current administration must prioritize establishing a hospital that caters to Bacolod City residents as a means of easing the congestion at regional hospitals.
Meanwhile, the reason I visited the hospital was because a person who cleans the surroundings of my home was bitten by my dog. While my dog had already received an anti-rabies vaccination, we still visited the regional hospital, which has a department dedicated to animal bites. Dr. Harry Carial, a friend of mine, heads the Animal Bite Management Department. He said their entire staff is trained not only on the technicalities of the position but on public relations and values as well.
They treat patients fairly regardless of their socioeconomic status.
According to records, there have been 144 animal bite cases reported this year, with two deaths resulting from patients being treated via “tandok” instead of being brought to a regional hospital.
In addition, Sunday was also learning about the Department of Agriculture and how they are mandated to educate the public on the dangers of animal bites. Contrary to public belief, the Department of Health serves as a support agency. However, both government agencies are committed to eradicating the country of rabies this year with the biggest factor being remote areas where misconceptions remain prevalent.
Establishing an Animal Bite Management Department remains a challenge for local government units but prevention remains the most important factor and the only way to accomplish that is through vaccinating animals.
Local veterinary offices play a big role in preventing rabies proliferation by consistently conducting events where they administer vaccinations. While it is a tough job, with the support of the local city government, it can happen./WDJ

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