The importance of employee satisfaction

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February 20, 2020
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According to Nancy C. Morse, author of “Satisfactions in the White Collar Job,” she notes: “Satisfaction refers to the level of fulfillment of one’s needs, wants, and desire. Satisfaction depends basically upon what an individual wants from the company and what he gets.

Employee satisfaction is a measure of how happy workers are with their job and environment.
I am sure there are many factors affecting an organization’s effectiveness and one of them is employee satisfaction. A well-organized company that is not anchored in paternalistic management, meaning, all decisions must emanate from the owner, cannot be considered an effective organization. A good company has a culture that encourages and supports employee satisfaction.
However, despite satisfying employees, when a company has bad managers, turnover is very high.
Employees do not leave their jobs because they are unhappy with the owner but it’s how their managers treat them. Unfortunately, companies are unaware of how to establish a mechanism for workers to provide feedback.
A high turnover rate is an indicator of a bad organization.
Bad management forces employees to leave, the company hires and trains new workers, and the cycle continues. There is a reason why good companies have tenured employees-they are satisfied by all aspects of the organization. Employees are more loyal and productive when they are satisfied, and it impacts customer satisfaction and organizational productivity.
I have encountered a lot of bad managers, particularly women who were fond of destroying their subordinates in front of the owner. Why? They did not like the employee and would create an issue out of nothing.
There is no limit for employees to reach the full satisfaction and it may vary; sometimes they need to change their behavior in order to execute their duties more effectively to gain greater job satisfaction.
Having good relationships with colleagues, a high salary, good working conditions, training and education opportunities, career development, among other benefits may increase employee satisfaction. However, the most important is working with good managers.
Additionally, human resources must maintain harmonious relationships in order to keep employees satisfied. The proper handling of employment issues will foster employee retention, loyalty, and commitment. Every company has to make sure employee satisfaction is high, which is a precondition for increasing productivity,
responsiveness, and quality customer service.
On the other hand, bad managers are the main factor for employees dissatisfaction, inefficiency, and lack of commitment to the company. Owners must ensure they hire good managers./WDJ


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