Fluidity and stability

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February 15, 2020
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We cannot deny that life is very fluid, very dynamic. There are many issues to tackle, pressures to bear, problems and challenges to meet, deadlines to meet. To top it all, there can be many surprises along the way and mysteries to contend with. This is not to mention the constant battle between good and evil that rages in our hearts.

And yet in all this, we have to learn how to have focus, to stay on course, to be stable so as not to get lost or even confused. We should avoid getting tossed back and forth by just any kind of wave in the ocean of life, or blown here and there in the drama of life.

Definitely, what is needed is to have a clear vision of our real and ultimate goal in life, and then arrange all the other elements in our life so as to attain that goal. I wonder if everyone has this concern to establish a clear vision of our ultimate goal.

Having this vision would help us to distinguish between what is essential and what is not, and to develop a sense of priority. As some management technique would have it, we have to start something with the end always first in mind. Otherwise, we would be going nowhere.

That is why we have to bring into the picture our core beliefs in life, since that is where we would have the idea of what is the end or goal that is proper to us. Is it just material success or something spiritual and supernatural?

This is already a big challenge since right now there are just too many ideologies and philosophies, not to mention, lifestyles and cultures that compete in defining what the ultimate goal of man is.

We need to explain again and again, with gift of tongue, that it is Christ who tells us what man is. It is to him that we should go to know about the ultimate end of man. And Christ’s teachings are now deposited, interpreted and taught by the Church.

In the school where I work, the Christian view of life as taught by the Church is, of course, proclaimed. It is not imposed or forced on everyone. I respect the consciences of students who may hold positions of unbelief, doubt and confusion.

The idea is simply to accompany them pastorally, explaining things, suggesting, opening horizons, even correcting. Yes, sometimes and very occasionally, scolding can help too. Many if not all of them actually have no problem accepting the Catholic faith, but the challenge is how they can be stably consistent to that faith.

It is to help them walk, run, climb, swim and fly properly in the flow of life. It is for them to develop and grow in their spiritual life, tutoring them in the art of prayer and the whole range of a life of piety suited to their personal condition.

When they make their first awkward baby steps in this regard, it is important that they be closely supervised. Thus, it is necessary that I win their friendship and confidence. This will require a heavy investment of time and effort that should be underwritten with a lot of prayers and sacrifice.

Given the temper of the times that make many young people very materialistic and worldly, the challenge is indeed great. In fact, it is overwhelming. But there is always hope. And all the effort needed to help them is indeed worth it.

Let us hope that we can count on many people who can help in this delicate task of helping the youth how to be stable in their Christian life amid the dizzying fluidity of the real world. Let’s hope that tomorrow will be better than today./WDJ

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