What is best for drunk drivers?

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February 4, 2020
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The number of vehicular accidents in the country shows the presence of irresponsible driving habits. Some drivers are unaware of defensive driving basics, others are ignorant, and there are those get behind the wheel intoxicated. Many have called on the Land Transportation Office to prevent those who have caused fatal car accidents due to drunk driving from being able to acquire driver’s licenses.
While it may be a stiff penalty, this is only way Filipino drivers can be dealt with – the same should be considered for irresponsible drivers. Many law-abiding motorists have been victimized and, in order to instill disciplined driving, proper punishments must be implemented.
In addition, Negros Occidental Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson should create a new road safety management authority that will implement a constant road safety campaign. Such an initiative will provide education for drivers.
Another issued are tricycle drivers as they do not under the law and are not permitted on national highways and, on roadways where they are allowed, must operate in the rightmost lane.
The provincial government would be lauded if they followed the suggestion – it takes knowledgeable individuals to make this happen.
Additionally, lectures and learning sessions should be held for prospective drivers instead of examinations that test on theory and only lead to the proliferation of corrupt fixers.

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This column greets Tony Agustin, Dodong Bascon, Vic Tan, William Ong, Frank Carbon, Stephen Sy, Clint Aranas, Raymond Dabao, Dante Amaguin, George Sanchez, Roland Jubilag, Mark Yanson, and Art Colmedora. WDJ

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