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January 9, 2020
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PS3 inmates detail their escape

Despite refusing to admit who sawed through the iron bars of their Police Station 3 (PS3) detention cell, the four recently-captured escapees detailed to Watchmen Daily Journal how they pulled off last Monday’s escape.
According to the statement by Ely Lorence Sazon, Sunny Capa, Michael Peñoso, and Jeffrey Elangos, they discovered a saw blade hidden inside their jail cell. During that time, they also found one of the bars in the cell already had cut marks. It is presumed the marks were likely made by previous detainees. The four then allegedly started sawing off the bars along the existing marks. They claimed, it took them a week to complete.
When Watchmen Daily Journal examined the police station and its surroundings, it appeared very likely the detainees took advantage of the area’s environment in order for police not to detect the noises made while sawing. The station is situated in front of a basketball court, which is beside a house that is undergoing construction.
On the night of the escape, Sazon claimed he was sleeping when he was awoken by Peñoso and Elangos, suggesting he join them. He slipped through the removed iron bars first and realized the desk officer and the duty jailer were both asleep. The four then slipped through the station’s backdoor, climbed up a wall, walked to the highway in Barangay Mandalagan, and went their separate ways.
Meanwhile, in an interview with PS3 commander, Police Major Ruel Culanag, he said the current cell that housed the four lacks toilet facilities.
Culanag admitted, for humanitarian reasons, they allow the inmates to temporarily exit their cells and escort them to the toilet, where, aside from the call of nature, they were also allowed to take a bath.
The jail cell in question has since been repaired and is now being used again by the detainees.
The station has also adopted stricter security protocols on visitors with police now thoroughly checking items brought to the detainees./DGB, WDJ

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