Man who assaulted police shot dead in San Carlos

Posted by watchmen
December 23, 2019

A man who assaulted and stabbed one policeman was shot dead by the latter’s companion after a police assistance response around 11:37 p.m. on Friday at Ylagan Street in the city’s Barangay 6.

Killed was alias “Ruel Mata,” legal age, single and a resident of Purok Molave in the city’s Barangay 1.

He sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the body and rushed to the city hospital but was declared dead-on-arrival by attending physician.

Police Staff Sergeant Rosendo Rosagazo and Patrolman Nicolas Martinez, both members of San Carlos City police, responded to a call for police assistance. They arrived at the scene and were attacked by the suspect wearing only his underwear.

Using a broken glass, the suspect stabbed Rosagazo but the policeman shot his leg. The suspect kept on attacking him, prompting his companion, Martinez, to retaliate.

Rosagazo, who sustained stab wounds, was also brought to the hospital for medical treatment./WDJ




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