It’s festival time

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October 9, 2019
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Revelry returns again to Bacolod City as the annual MassKara Festival celebrates its ruby anniversary, or 40 years. I remember the first festival was held in 1980, during the incumbency of former Mayor Jose ‘Digoy’ Montalvo, Jr. Since that year, the festival has been a draw for visitors. The usual street food events, concerts, and street dance parades remain as many residents take the opportunity to be a part of event in order to earn money.
During highlight weekend, several barangays and schools will participate in the street dance competition.
Paul Moles told me he had organized a “concert party” and a hotel in the tourism strip along Lacson Street.
In addition, the Ginoong Bacolod pageant will be held at the STI-West Negros University gymnasium and I congratulate RD Robles Production and event organizer Dorotheo Lozada for making this new activity in support of the MassKara Festival.
The festival will be big boon for restaurants and hotels as revelers stay over for at least two nights to celebrate and dance in the streets, and experience “party moods” and road concerts.
While there is much to enjoy, residents and visitors must take note this is also an opportunity for criminals and petty thieves. Be aware of this scenario when crowds gather by the hundreds of thousands.
Revelers owe the success of the event to dance choreographers and support partners that make the occasion worth waiting for and remembering. Without such creative choreography, there wouldn’t be much to see in dance parades.

This column greets Sammy Montoyo, Danny Dangcalan, Billy Lopue, Harold Geronimo, Archie Gupalor, Harry Tajo, Neil Concepcion, Manolet Lamata, Lito Aves, Pinky Hautea, and Tintin Mansinares/WDJ


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