Sibling claims Vallacar chief plans to sell the company

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August 13, 2019
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By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga

One of the Yanson siblings recently accused Vallacar Transit Incorporated (VTI) President Leo Rey Yanson of planning to sell the company. In a statement released yesterday, Emily Yanson claimed her brother is “hell-bent” on selling the transportation firm to the highest bidder.
She said his use of “brute force” to occupy the company’s terminals and corporate headquarters are indicative of his intentions, asserting, her brother wanted to secure company documents in order to sell the company.
The company vice president also denied accusations that she was among those responsible for documents going missing following an audit and inventory after the company headquarters in Bacolod City’s Barangay Mansilingan were taken over by the company president.
“Why would we ransack our own offices and steal those documents which Leo Rey claims to be missing?” Yanson asked. “We were occupying the offices for weeks now and during this whole time, Leo Rey was even there, freely checking and spending his time leisurely as our director?”
She also explained that leaving the compound was not a victory for her brother but a means to protect the lives of employees as she claimed they were hearing threats of violence.
“We left our corporate offices but it does not mean that we have given up the fight to continue the legacy of our father,” Yanson affirmed. “They claimed victory, but for what? They may have occupied some of our offices and terminals but command and management of the company still rests on us, majority board members—the real owners of VTI.”
Last Saturday, Atty. Norman Golez, legal counsel for Leo Rey Yanson, revealed that the company’s headquarters had been ransacked.
Following an initial audit and inventory over the weekend, he confirmed around 3,000 official receipts and certificates of registration for buses, along with 800 land titles, were either unaccounted for or presumed stolen.
In addition, he reported several computers and harddrives were also reported missing.
When media was allowed to enter the premises, nearly all the facility’s desktop storage units and lockers appeared to have been opened with most of their contents gone./DGB, WDJ

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