Yanson matriarch calls for decency amid ongoing Vallacar situation

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July 31, 2019
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Company president says mother, brother are harming operations
By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga

Following recent events that transpired at the Dumaguete City Bus Terminal, Olivia Yanson, matriarch of the Yanson clan that runs Vallacar Transit Inc. (VTI), parent company of the Ceres bus liner, issued a written statement yesterday telling her four children Roy, Emily, Ricardo, Jr., and Celina to “show some decency.”
She urged the four to wait for the court’s decision on the matter instead of “mounting attempts to take control of the family business,” which she claimed involved intimidation tactics and the use of “goons.”
“They are just embarrassing themselves before the eyes of the public,” Yanson added.
She went on to characterize their actions as “shameful” and “leaving a bad taste in the mouth;” along with noting, as their mother, an act of “defiance” and “disrespect.”
“I and my late husband, Ricardo, Sr., painstakingly labored so hard to put up our business; to make it successful,” Yanson stated. “Today, my four children simply want to kick me off to one dark corner and maltreat me.”
The elder Yanson also blasted the group’s claims of trying to maintain “unity.”
“They always argue that their intention is to preserve family unity and protect the legacy of their father,” she stated. “On the contrary, their actions speak otherwise.”
Following the said incident, Yanson said she visited the Dumaguete City terminal to conduct an assessment after guards deployed by company president Roy Yanson took control of the transportation hub, but were held back by members of her camp.
In an earlier statement, the company president recounted the incident from his perspective, noting, at least law enforcement personnel arrived at the bus terminal, resulting in security guards being arrested, including those sleeping in the company’s resting quarters, and brought to the Philippine National Police (PNP) provincial headquarters on trespassing charges.
Roy Yanson pointed the finger at his mother and former company president Leo Rey Yanson, claiming it all happened after their appeal for a temporary restraining order against him was denied in court.
In his statement, he also appealed for PNP Director-General Oscar Albayalde to conduct an investigation into the incident.
In response to seeking Albayalde’s assistance, the elder Yanson called the VTI president “bingit,” or “crybaby.”
“I have every right under the law to charge them with trespassing because that property is titled under my name,” she added.
Meanwhile, in response to claims by former VTI President Leo Rey Yanson that the current company chief committed “grave infractions of the law” regarding the incident at the Dumaguete City Bus Terminal, Roy Yanson called the accusations “pure hogwash.”
“I will not dignify his charges with an answer,” he said in a statement. “His lies are even unimaginative.”
Yanson pointed the finger at his mother and younger brother anew, claiming they are the ones “causing this harm upon the company and its employees.”
“I urge Leo Rey to desist from further harming himself, his family, friends, and loved ones,” he added./DGB, WDJ

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