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May 14, 2019
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Travelers who visit Bacolod City and Negros Occidental should be well-education on the local culinary line-up. Culinary tourism is prevalent in Bacolod City and Iloilo and the public must take pride in knowing the region has made such a name for itself.

During a recent convention, a Filipina hotelier, who claimed she was never informed about chicken inasal, said, “We are tired of those pasta and beef.”

Aside from chicken inasal, the region offers an array of local dishes including La Paz batchoy, hamburgers, empanadas, lumpia, egg pie, buko pie, oysters, carrot cake, cheesy bitsokoy, ensaymada, chicken relleno, lengua estofado, banana-cue, camote-que,

Despite this column earlier noting the prevalence of barbeque grills along the side of Bacolod City roads, with articles penned in April, May, and June of last year discussing the way such objects can obstruct traffic and present a less-than-flattering image of the city, the pork barbecue served from such spots are a popular street food item.

However, in places like Thailand, the street food industry remains properly sanitized and hygienic. That is something Filipinos much emulate or culinary tourism will remain an attraction of restaurants and food houses.



This column greets Tony Oquindo, Jo-ann Yoshida, Ruth Concepcion, Harold Geronimo, Geramie Gallano, Carmen Lopez, Rica Baylon, Joseph Teruel, and Glady Reyes/WDJ

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