Christ has risen! It is time to rejoice

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April 24, 2019
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Christianity has been a long standing religion throughout the world – and the biggest one with the largest number of believers. As Christians, we practice Lent and have high regard for the solemnity of the observance. With Christ’s sacrifice, we have been saved from sin; and with His resurrection, we have hope in salvation. These are the main components of Lent that have been instilled in us and repeatedly taught year after year.


How we can live up to a life without sin?

As Christ, who was born and lived without sin, gave up His life to save us, isn’t it right that we live up to what is expected of us and lead a sinless life? People usually think and reflect on their sins during Lent because we are reminded by the passion and death of Jesus; how Jesus suffered the harshness of torture, painfully carrying and dying on the cross, brings us to the realization that we must be good and stay away from temptation and evil.

However, as humans, can we still be reminded of that fact for an entire year, not just during Lent? Now that Lent has passed and Christ has risen, most of us will go back to our regular ways of constant human error – defeating the purpose and lessons of Lent.

In order for us to pursue our faith and live up to the spirit, we need constant refocusing and reevaluations of ourselves throughout the year. It is not only during Lent that we need to repent and make sacrifices, such as fasting and abstinence, we have to realize these things should not only be done during Holy Week but every day of our lives.


The life of Christ should enlighten us on the path we should take

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and only through Him can we go to the Father in Heaven. Following Jesus’ life will lead us on the right path of our life’s journey. There may be some challenges and obstacles along the way but once we set our eyes on the final destination—the welcoming hands of God the Father—we are able to pass through whatever temptation and sin comes our way.

Furthermore, we have to be open and obedient to the scriptures.

All our lives, we have been taught about the Bible and God’s word; however, only a limited few are following these words, even if most people in the world are Christians. Despite being baptized as Christians, many of us still live away from God. This is the reason why we need to reevaluate our lives as well as be reminded that God sent His only Son to die for our sins in order to save us. This act symbolizes how much God loves us and He will always wait for us and welcome us back into His arms once we are reminded of His gracious and merciful love towards His children./WDJ


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