Police officer surrenders after shooting minor in Bago City

Posted by watchmen
March 8, 2019

By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga


A police officer surrendered to Bago City police late Wednesday night after he allegedly shot and killed a minor in Barangay Taloc, Bago City.

Police identified the fatality as 17-year-old Marky Venancio, a resident of the said area.

Based on information provided by the suspect, 32-year-old Police Patrolman Richard Rites, he claimed to be inside his home when a group of minors approached him and called for help, insisting they were being chased by armed individuals. The police officer immediately ordered the minors inside his home as he saw six to seven armed men, one of whom was attempting to fire a pin gun at him.

Rites immediately shut the door to his house and the armed individuals subsequently attempted to break in. The officer immediately shouted and identified himself as a police officer but the group continued to attack.

Once the group was inside, the cop saw Venancio holding a .38 caliber revolver, which prompted him to draw his 9mm service pistol and opened fire.

The victim ran outside and fell down 50 meters from the house.

The remaining members of the group scattered in different directions.

Venancio was rushed to the Bago City District Hospital for treatment, but was declared dead on arrival by hospital staff.

Rites, meanwhile, immediately surrendered to Bago City Police following the incident.

Investigators recovered a loaded .38 caliber revolver and a pen gun with a .45 caliber bullet, which was believed to have been dropped by a member of the armed group.

Bago City police are presently conducting an investigation into the incident./DGB, WDJ

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