Treñas puts Baronda in the firing line

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September 27, 2018
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“To err is human. To blame someone else is politics.” –Hubert H. Humphrey


By labeling former City Councilor Julienne ‘Jam-Jam’ Baronda as Iloilo City’s “first congresswoman-to-be” during an event over the weekend in Barangay Cubay in the city’s Jaro district, incumbent Iloilo City lone district Rep. Jerry Treñas put her head in the firing line; once Baronda’s critics, rivals, and supporters of her rivals begin tossing darts at her, it will be because the congressman tipped them off on the amount of ammunition needed to take on this known “enemy.”

Before the campaign period begins, the former city councilor’s enemies will torment the would-be candidate to the point of pushing her to the brink of mental and emotional anguish; forcing her to rethink whether it was worth it to be in such a position, knowing she could be enjoying a relaxed private life if she had not thrown her hat into the political ring. In addition, once the official showdown begins, Baronda’s adversaries will have already stockpiled an enormous armory, with battalions to barrage her campaign

On the other hand, Treñas hinting at a preference for the former city official will put an end to the guessing game and stop providing false hope to those close to the congressman. It also gives former Iloilo City councilor Nielex ‘Lex’ Tupas leverage to assert his independence, boosting his chances of being wooed by other parties.

Contrary to what he had earlier promised, Tupas did not announce his candidacy in the upcoming 2019 midterm elections during his birthday last month, which left his rivals clueless with regard to his rumored candidacy for congressman. It also paved the way for Iloilo City Councilor Joshua Alim to consider forging an alliance with incumbent Iloilo City Mayor Jose ‘Joe III’ Espinosa III and Dr. Pacita Trinidad-Gonzalez – completing the cast for the impending armageddon.

Prior to Baronda’s name being mentioned, Alim was a shoo-in for the congressional contest – even before Tupas had local voters thinking it was time he became a congressman after “wasting his talent” at the National Youth Commission, which he resigned from once Rodrigo Duterte became president.

By announcing a preference for his successor, with Treñas expected to vacate the seat and challenge Espinosa for mayor, the congressman is telling his brother-in-law: “Your time is up.”

An official Treñas endorsement of Baronda is tantamount to shutting the door to the dream of Espinosa and Treñas running on the same ticket in the upcoming polls.



In response to the congressman’s words, who went on to say he was “60 percent certain” she was his candidate for his successor, Baronda was “elated.” Her ability to take on major challenges will be put to the test over the coming weeks and months as she begins to feel the heat of mudslinging.

Good luck, congressional candidate-to-be Jamjam Baronda./WDJ

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