Blame your speed, not the brakes!

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September 12, 2018
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There have been so many road mishaps reported across the country lately, involving everything from cargo trucks to so-called “wing vans” and automobiles to motorcycles; motorcyclists, those riding smaller-powered bikes, are particularly reckless. Most are not unaware of defensive driving and do not care about traffic regulations – even if it means ensuring their safety. They speed off like jet planes and, at the end of the road, smash into a truck or van.

When traffic investigators arrive on the scene, the driver of the larger vehicle often blames it on defective brakes – which is never true. The real problem is the driver. They should know the proper speed limits and if he or she is ignorant of it, that’s when trouble begins.

Along busy roads, a truck should never exceed 30 kilometers per hour (kph) in speed. Crazy drivers do not understand inertia; it’s difficult to brake when one is driving 50kph or faster.

These mishaps are because of driver ignorance.



Deepest condolences to the family of the late Danny Fajardo, founder of Panay News and the father of Watchmen Daily Journal publisher David Fajardo. I first met and got to know DF (as he is known by closer friends) 18 years ago. As a columnist, I introduced myself to him at a Bacolod City hotel, it was a Sunday, and I said to him, “Sir, I want to write a column in your Panay News.” He said, “Why not?” I thank him and ensured he knew I did not want any payment for my writing. He said, “OK, you can start anytime.”

My first column was published on Valentine’s Day and, for ten years, I was with DF’s paper.

On Sundays, I joined the panel discussion on his “Reklamo Publiko.”

When his son launched Watchmen Daily Journal, I offered my free services yet again.

We miss you, DF.



Greetings to the Metro Inn Bacolod as they celebrate their fifth anniversary tomorrow, September 13.



This column greets Raymond Dabao, Richard Oquendo, Art Colmedora, Stephen Sy, Renato Novero, Mini Javellana-Jimenez, Maui Espejo, Roland Ramos, Reuben Tampos, Joseph Danoy, Neel Abordaje, Charles Lim, Daisy Reyes, Rylina Ortaliz, Jun Lagarde, and  Marlon Navarro./WDJ

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