DOH encourages organ donation

Posted by watchmen
September 10, 2018

The Department of Health (DOH), through a press release published over the weekend, encouraged the public to consider organ donation.

“Through organ donation, one deceased human being can potentially save and dramatically improve the quality of life of eight or more individuals,” said DOH Secretary Francisco Duque.

The release cited data from the World Health Organization that showed, in 2017, up to 230,000 deaths could have been prevented if patients were provided with necessary organs.

In addition, there was a particular emphasis placed on urging donations from those who have been declared medically brain dead.

The department referenced RA 7170, or Organ Donation Act of 1991, which allowed individuals at least 18 years of age and “of sound mind” to choose to have their organs donated upon their death. The law indicates parts that can be donated include “transplantable organs, tissues, eyes, bones, arteries, blood, other fluids, and other portions of the human body.”

Beyond simply being declared dead, physicians can also make the determination of death based on “an irreversible cessation of all brain functions.”

The release also cited RA 7885, which amended the Organ Donation Act of 1991 and focused on the need for corneal transplants.

Duque said potential donors can sign up to be an organ donor cardholder, calling them “heroes of our times.”/WDJ


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