Do teleseryes display Filipino attitudes?

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September 5, 2018
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I was recently invited to listen in on a conversation between seniors about what they see on television.

“I have to buy another television because my ‘deary’ wife is an addict of the nightly teleseryes,” a banker said. “She does not mind what I do when she is focused on her dramas.”

“She does not even care where I am,” they added. “I just have to make sure I get home during the final stretch of her shows.”

A teacher said they “get mad” when hearing the loud shouting during scenes depicting two women fighting.

“I do not understand why the shouting and grabbing of heads is permitted by the censors,” they said. “It is really disgusting.”

“It seems censoring movies and television programs are only focused on bodily exposure, why?” the teacher added.

A salesman said the nightly dramas portray the “unpleasant attitude and character” Pinoys espouse.

“It is not healthy, it is not decent,” they stated.

“It is all up to the censors if they find a show suitable to air while children are still awake,” the teacher pointed out. “It is not even healthy for heads of families to watch.”

“Who is in charge?” they asked.



Amid the ongoing rainy season, with low pressure systems churning all around, households must be prepared for possible power outages at any moment. Residents blame the Central Negros Electric Cooperative Inc. (Ceneco), but “brownouts” are unavoidable due to safety concerns.

Ceneco needs to cut down big tree branches, particularly older ones as they could break at any time.



This column greets Art Colmedora, Danny Dangcalan, Linus Jimenez, Bobby Tee, Rodel Parcon, Sammy Montoyo, Susan Guarra, Dan Amaguin, Marlon Navarro, Philip Garcia, and Tony Cacho./WDJ


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