National Heroes Day

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August 28, 2018
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Government agency posts reminder on holiday wages


The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) posted an advisory on social media last Friday to remind the public today, August 27, is National Heroes Day, a regular holiday. They also reminded employers to abide by the wage rules regarding employees required to work during the observance.

“Employers are once again reminded to pay the right wages of their employees, especially those who will work on this day,” the post advised.

According to Labor Advisory No. 10, which was released by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and laid out the rules on wages for employees working on regular holidays, it lists August 27 among “regular holidays,” along with Christmas, New Year’s Day, among other common observances.

The policy indicates, for those working during the holiday, they are entitled to 200 percent of their regular salary for the first eight hours of the work day. In addition, any work done in excess of the ascribed eight hours is entitled to an additional 30 percent bump in pay.

Employees working during the holiday are also entitled to a cost-of-living adjustment.

According to the PIA post, the holiday pays tribute to men and women who “sacrificed their lives for Philippine freedom.”/WDJ

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