4.0-magnitude earthquake recorded west of Sipalay City

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August 28, 2018
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Fourth quake detected in the region in two weeks


By Paulo Loreto Lim


According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), a 4.0-magnitude earthquake struck Negros Occidental yesterday afternoon, with the epicenter located just west of Sipalay City. The tremor is the fourth recorded in the Western Visayas since a 2.0-magnitude earthquake was recorded in the vicinity of Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental on August 14.

An agency report indicated no damage was recorded nor are there any expectations of aftershocks.

The recent tremor is the largest of those recently detected as the previous incidents all measured below a 3.0-magnitude.

The United States Geological Survey notes 4.0-magnitude quakes are often classified as a Level 4 on the Mercalli intensity scale, where the tremor is more noticeable indoors, with a feeling similar to a heavy truck striking a building.

In a separate report, the agency discussed the concept of foreshocks, which are smaller earthquakes that occur in the same area and may serve as predecessors for a larger quake; however, they note, scientists are still unable to successfully predict earthquakes.

Since the August 14 tremor, a 2.6-magnitude quake was recorded near Hinoba-an last Wednesday, while a 2.2-magnitude earthquake struck near Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo over the weekend./PLL, WDJ


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