BBWI acknowledges notice of violation

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June 30, 2018
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By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga


Bacolod Bulk Water, Inc. (BBWI) spokesperson, Atty. King Martinez, recently revealed BBWI has acknowledged the notice of violation, which was earlier issued by the Bacolod City Water District (Baciwa), and affirmed they replied with answers to each matter brought forward.

Baciwa and BBWI, a special purpose company composed of several consortiums, finalized a 25-year bulk water supply contract in March 2016. According to the contract, the water supply must flow through the Baciwa reservoir before being distributed throughout the city, however, the supplier was earlier encountering problems negotiating with individuals who owned lands where pipes were being laid.

According to the notice, signed by Baciwa General Manager Juliana Carbon, BBWI violated the contract, indicating, “Water was not injected or delivered by BBWI to the 9,842 cubic meter reservoir since day 1 of delivery,” resulting in the city utility firm unable to retrieve the supply from Injection Point No. 1, located in Barangay Granada.

The notice also pointed out BBWI had not yet laid pipes leading to the reservoir as both the 18-month project completion period and subsequent six-month extension already lapsed.

In a press statement, Martinez said BBWI has been supplying potable water to Baciwa pipelines since inauguration.

With regard to reported “under-delivery,” the firm claims that was a result of inconsistencies between reading an electromagnetic flow meter and ultrasonic flow meter.

“We are requesting for a joint evaluation of the flow meter with the Baciwa technical team, and subsequent testing of both meters to determine the real contention,” affirmed BBWI Chairman Ryan Yapkianwee. “This might be an error with either the meters or with the clearance between bends leading up to the flow meters.”/DGB, WDJ

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