LTO-6 employees prohibited from using mobile phones at work

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June 14, 2018
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By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga
Land Transportation Office-Region VI (LTO-6) Director Roland Ramos issued an order yesterday ordering all LTO employees in the region to stop using mobile phones during work hours.
This comes after a spate of complaints from clients regarding the slow processing of paperwork in all LTO branches in the region.
In a radio interview yesterday morning, Ramos said the usage of mobile phones by employees has affected their daily tasks as they have become more attentive to their phones than clientele.
Ramos also sees the prohibition as a solution for the presence of fixers in their offices.
As part of the order, Ramos said, upon entry to their offices, employees are now required to store their mobile phones in designated boxes before proceeding to their work stations.
“I want to have the public served more seriously and completely without disturbance,” Ramos said. “The mobile phone is a disturbance, they must put it aside.”
He added, employees who violate his order will face administrative charges./DGB, WDJ

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