Who is next governor?

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May 17, 2018
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New barangay officials are expected to be the winners of the recent elections, why? Previous leadership became complacent enjoying so many benefits, they forgot how to provide service for their constituents. Past leaders ran out of ideas.

Next year, this country will elect new governors, mayors, and other lawmakers. It would be best to support new faces. A teacher told me, “Look at the names of senators, they have been there so long they cannot think of new ideas.” They added, “All they do are those expensive Senate hearings, which fall on deaf ears.”


Surnames are the name of the game in this ‘kenkoy’ country

We see the same names because they have the money and influence, a lawyer mentioned. “Elections here are a money game,” they added.

In Negros Occidental, former mayor and congressman Jeffrey Ferrer, who has influence and financial backing, is being floated as a candidate for governor.

“While this man lost as vice governor last time, he could make a comeback by running as governor,” a priest noted.

There is also incumbent Vice Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson, who has financial backing that could balance the financial vehicle utilized by Ferrer. The priest believes his candidacy is being pushed by his transport industry-involved clan.

Both are qualified to be the new governor, but what will make the difference is the clout they hold over voters (and how much their willing to dole out).

For many, there are the only bets for the job.

The priest pointed out, “Do not give the voters too many choices.”/WDJ



This column greets Dindo Ilagan, Richard Oquendo, Tet Pison, Danny Dangcalan, Ed Joven, Dhadha Garcia, Mymy Alagaban, Ronnie Gabalda, Toto Cua Locsin, Tata Lacson, Medelyn Cruz, Jojo Vito, Radj Caram, Jr., Dannie Rose dela Cruz, Maricar Dabao, Elsie Gonzaga, Raymund Javellana, Suzette Alquiza, Susan Pnce de Leon, and Alvin Rongo./WDJ


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