When will Manokan Country be cleaner?

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April 30, 2018
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The famous Bacolod-style chicken inasal could be tasted at Manokan Country. While I’ve been visiting Aida’s for decades, even the others stalls, like Nena’s, “masarap talaga ang inasal” (as they say). However, in those same decades, I have been confused by how Manokan Country fails to reach the hygiene and sanitation standards expected of food establishment.

While they may have their City Health Permit, look at the place.

It is embarrassing to bring visitors to try chicken inasal because of the poor sanitary conditions.

Let us pray it can be resolved – calling City Administrator Atty. John! SOS!

I was asked by a reading when will the stinky fish drying area, located next to Manokan Country, be removed. I said Atty. Orola will help.



When it comes to food tourism, people know Davao is associated with durian and tuna, Cagayan de Oro City has pineapple, Zamboanga has curacha crabs, Cebu is home to lechon and dried mango, Iloilo is famous for talaba and batchoy, Vigan City has longganisa, Ilocos Norte has bagnet, Roxas City has crabs, and Bacolod City is known for chicken inasal.

Why is Cebu known for lechon? In Cebu City to Carcar City, there is so much lechon available – and that is on a daily basis. In Bacolod City, where can visitors find lechon baboy the way it is enjoyed throughout Cebu? Lechon lovers can still find the delicacy in Bacolod City, but there is no exciting place offering the dish, outside of those set up along the road.

Lechon baboy is one of the best in the country, yet it is not promoted. In Mactan-Cebu International Airport, lechon is sold in the pre-departure area, resulting in massive sales.

Vigan City is popular for chorizo or longganisa. However, after trying their recado longganisa, it isn’t better than the Ereñeta or Manaloto varieties produced and sold in Bacolod City. Why is chorizo not promoted?



This column greets Joanne Yoshida, Jeffrey Ferrer, Gen Sagayno, Jason Tupas, Chris Sorongon, Philip Lacson, Felipe Garcia, Jerry Delicano, Johnny Dubouzet, Joey Trayco, Joe Jimenez, Joseph Teruel, JV Hinlo, JC Clavecillas, and Francis Redil Villanueva./WDJ

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