3ID slams local NPA affiliate over ‘terrorizing’ comments

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April 28, 2018
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By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga


The Philippine Army 3rd Infantry Division (3ID) yesterday slammed allegations made by New People’s Army (NPA) Leonardo Panaligan Command, accusing them of terrorizing Negros residents.

In a statement by 3ID commander, Brigadier General Dinoh Dolina, he said it is an obsolete and repetitive issue that they have been tossing at the army, adding they are doing it out of desperation.

“As the legitimate armed forces, it is our mandate to safeguard the people and land against [the NPA], who are truly responsible for militarization and terrorism against the people,” Dolina said.

He pointed out, the army’s current presence in far-flung areas of the province is response to cries from communities that have been victimized by the criminal activities committed by the NPA.

“How about slaughtering helpless civilians, burning property, and conducting extortion, even against less fortunate individuals, what do you call that?” Dolina questioned. “If there is a more appalling word than ‘terrorist,’ that is you!”

Dolina, meanwhile, commended the cooperation by local residents in fighting the NPA. He called it a clear indication they are tired of the senseless and bloody armed struggle being waged by the rebels.

He added, residents should remain vigilant and continue reporting activities and whereabouts of rebels in order to stop them from unleashing more “terror and ruthlessness” in the community./DGB, WDJ

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