Miss you, Boracay

Posted by watchmen
April 25, 2018
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Today is the last day people can stay and enjoy Boracay. It seems thousands have flooded the island over the past few weeks, keeping the island fun and full of excitement; which will all end with the six-month closure due to rehabilitation needed as a result of greedy people in government.

With the impending closure, the Department of Tourism-Region VI (DOT-6), headed by director, Atty. Helen Catalbas, is working to promote other destinations within the Western Visayas.

Leisure travelers will not just miss the world’s largest swimming poor, they will miss the fun after sunset. This is what makes the island a premier destination. Once night falls, that is when you see thousands attack different parts of the island – where the money come in.

With so much revenue coming in, local government officials forgot about preserving the environment. Beyond the billions coming in, it is said some in government have invested and own establishments on the island. Is this true?

Environmental agencies are also to blame after issuing clearances for prohibited structures. They are aware of their wrongdoings, but were overwhelmed by the fortune they pocketed – something else that remains to be proven. Many claim the amount accumulated by government officials is more than enough in the event they are terminated.

Do not blame President Rodrigo Duterte; blame the past administrations who kept their eyes closed. Once the island reopens, it will be paradise again.

Mr. President, hang the culprits for their wrongdoings!

Meanwhile, Catalbas will continue to promote other parts of the region, as she will tell you, island promotion is a done deal. However, her task will be futile if stakeholders fail to show their support.



This column greets Mae Panes, Rolando Dabao, Alan Gensoli, Raymond Dabao, Manuel Parroco, Junjun Martir, Ariston Minez Jr., EJ Velez, Cirilo Javelosa, Nan Lizares, Anton Espinos, Ryan Villan, Blaire Ejercito, Femmy Lee Magbanua, and Joseph Danoy./WDJ


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