PSA ‘List of Establishments’ update underway

Posted by watchmen
April 17, 2018

The Negros Occidental Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is currently conducting their 2018 Comprehensive Updating of the List of Establishments (ULE), where around 20,000 business establishments throughout the province will be subject to interviews through the establishment inquiry application (ULEApp).

The 2018 ULE will provide a record of businesses, including basic information used to obtain an updated and reliable sampling frame intended for surveys, formulation of policy, and implementation of programs.

According to PSA, “An establishment can be covered in the ULE if it is under a single ownership or control, engaged in one or predominantly one kind of economic activity at a single fixed location.”

The agency will be gathering information such as business name, registered name, business address, economic area, economic organization, legal organization, nationality of owner/major stockholder/contributor, economic activity or business, year started operation, total employment, paid employees, and total assets.

The update will proceed until July 13./WDJ


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