Local labor groups oppose charter change

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March 21, 2018
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By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga


Local labor groups in Negros Occidental yesterday expressed their opposition to charter change and term extension, saying the voice of the people should always reign supreme.

Labor advocate Wennie Sancho said sovereignty should always reside with the people and should not be muffled.

“Their interests should not be dwarfed or narrowed down under the sway of a political leader, surrounded by a cabal of bootlickers,” Sancho said.

He also said, based on a statement by University of the Philippines-College of Law Professor Dante Gatmaylan, any assembly beholden to the president may not necessarily produce the best document.

He added, any project involving the fundamental law of the land will benefit from serious deliberations founded on contending views and not a mere collection of “yes men.”

Sancho also said they have formed the Labor Against Charter Change (LACC) in order to encourage those against the proposal to speak up.

He pointed out, they oppose charter change because the proposed amendments would benefit the incumbent political leaders and perpetuate the vested interests of political dynasties./DGB, WDJ


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