MBDJ guards, inmates test negative for drugs

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February 17, 2018
Posted in HEADLINE
By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga
A total 190 “high profile” inmates and 22 jail guards tested negative for drugs following a random drug test conducted inside the Metro Bacolod District Jail (MBDJ) last Monday.
MBDJ male dormitory warden, Jail Senior Inspector Norberto Miciano, said urine samples were taken and a surprise shakedown, or ‘greyhound’ operation, were conducted on the same day.
The female dormitory was also subject to the same procedures.
With inmates testing negative for drugs and “lesser nuisance items” recovered from the search, including ropes, electrical wires, wood, nails, and three improvised bladed weapons, Miciano said, “It only showed the effectiveness of our intensified security measures.”
The MBDJ male dormitory holds 767 inmates.
Meanwhile, a search of the female dormitory, which accommodates 189 inmates, yielded hangers, unauthorized clothes, pens, and bottles./DGB, WDJ

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