Are public utility tricycles insured and registered?

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January 11, 2018
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The transportation sector currently faces a challenge, the removal of dilapidated vehicles that make the roads a horrific mess – something President Rodrigo Duterte says must happen now.
While there is the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) overseeing the enforcement of laws pertaining to the roads, are local government units (LGU) just as concerned? Particularly with public utility vehicle operators routinely violating clean air laws, along with those who do not care about the condition of their vehicle, which poses a safety threat.
Take the case of public utility tricycles, is this a legitimately-registered operation? Are they safe? Do operators have licenses with the LTO? Are they approved by the LTFRB?
Local government officials should be concerned if tricycle operations are even legal, meaning, operators should have driver’s licenses. Are they not concerned about ensuring both operator and vehicle are registered? Do they even care? Yet, despite that, LGUs provide annual permits for these tricycles
The next political season is beginning to make waves and politicians are becoming afraid of voters. Why? Because politicians and elected officials are “public servants,” with the voting public (as many say) is their boss – servants are always afraid of their bosses. One campaign slogan during the last election said, “The boss is the electorate, but the national public servant never heeded to the dreams of the bosses, he cares for his own circle.”
Dreams of growth in this country have rotted because of the existence of the barangay system. Millions claim the barangay system has never served the nation well and has become a place where millions of pesos are made by threatening candidates and seating elected officials. Many of those elected are retirees or the unemployed, who are looking for a salary – that is how society is today.
Let us wait for change. Soon, many will march in March.
With the new year underway, individuals have come up with New Year’s resolutions, or set goals for things they want to happen. However, looking at social media, there aren’t many who are looking for change in their lives; although, we can be sure, deep within, there are hopes for the better tomorrow we always prayed for.
This column greets Cesar Peralta, Noni Lovina, Vincent Tiu, Herman Lagon, Robert Uy, Jake Borres, Doc Chris Sorongon, Philip Lacson, Manolet Lamata, Philip Garcia, Stephen Alquiza, Joemar Ramos, Patrick Maravilla, Tess Yusay, and Tina Gurrea-Garcia./WDJ

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