He’s hitched, finally!

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January 10, 2018
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They always say that a boy and a girl can never be the best of friends because one will certainly fall in love with the other one way or another. I personally disagree with this notion considering that most of the people I consider best friends are males, and some of them I tagged as my brothers from another mother.
One of them is my own Clark Kent, my personal Superman. We received quite a lot of raised eyebrows from people who think that our relationship isn’t merely as that of best friends, and we just laughed them off. Though we couldn’t blame them for thinking that way because we really are in sync most of the time. Whenever we’re together, it’s as if we have the entire world at our hands filled with laughters and excitement.
If there’s a love at first sight, I can say that ours is a friendship at first sight. I met him when I was in high school and he was in college. He dated a family member of mine for years, hence, we got really close. I called him “manong” and he treated me like his very own little sister. He was, indeed, a very doting big brother that I never had any blood relations with.
Unfortunately though, he never really became a part of the family as they broke up. But he never broke up with me and our friendship. We continued to keep in touch and he was there everytime I need someone to talk to. We would talked for several hours on the phone even up to 4am in the morning and then we would realized that we still had school the following day.
We were partners-in-crime. He was there at the lowest and saddest points of my life. I cried my heartaches to him, and he to me. We both know about each other’s dating history. I would gush to him about the guys I found cute or the one I was dating, and he would share the same with me.
He is one of the few guys who won’t think twice of spending hundreds or thousands of pesos with me everytime we go out. And I must admit that I am quite spoiled by him.
Among the many best friends I have, he is one of those that I will never give up even if I am asked to because we had a rather exciting and thrilling friendship. It came to a point where I was forbidden to see him because my father thought his friendship was a revenge over the break-up. When I told him that, we had quite a fit of laughter!
He knows me better than any of my guy best friends do. He knows my heart and my goals. He even knows my crazy dreams and support them all the way no matter how strange and weird they are. Yes, he is that great of a person.
When he told me he would get married, I was beyond happy. I was ecstatic. I admit I felt sad because I know we wouldn’t be able to do the things we used to anymore, but it’s a relief to finally see him getting married. I used to have a say on his wedding ring or his wedding clothes before. But since I am quite far away, I could no longer do that. Nevertheless, I’m the kind of best friend who couldn’t just do nothing when her beloved best friend is off to the altar and so I have to put my hands on the second phase… the honeymoon. After his marriage a few days ago, I realized that I didn’t lose my best friend and my so-called brother. Instead, I gained a sister-in-law; and being as childish as I am, it makes me happy knowing that there will now be two instead of one person to spoil this queen bee. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Genesis Liansing! Best wishes to the new chapter of your life!/WDJ

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