Restaurants must hire toilet cleaners, too

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December 5, 2017
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The pork, chicken, fish, and vegetables we consume are from the public market. Yet, we cannot imagine how dirty most of the local public markets are.
We also eat in carinderias, restaurants, bars and coffee shops, without much thought to food preparation. However, stepping into the comfort room, you are met with wet floors, tissues scattered around, and drops of urine around the toilet bowl. Yet, the servers look spick and span in their well-groomed uniforms.
At times, the owner may come around making sure everything is going well, but where they fail is hiring a person to ensure the toilets are kept hygienic.
The owner can hire one person for that job and pay them minimum wage. Without one, it is a total neglect of cleanliness.
Why is this happened in society? Why does the government not take steps in making sure toilets are always sanitized.
Unhygienic practices are reflective of the owner. Is the toilet in the owner’s home also messy?
Cleaning a toilet is not a tedious job.
However, I heard the Department of Tourism-Region VI (DOT-6) will be conducting a campaign for clean toilets in the region. DOT-6 director, Atty. Helen Catalbas, said she will encourage local government units and the private sector to maintain clean toilets starting next year.
This column greets Boy and Marilou Montalbo, Mayette Yao, Neel Abordaje, Joseph Danoy, Danny Dangcalan, Tony Cacho and Tim Yu./WDJ

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