Highways are not for parking

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September 21, 2017
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It has been reported that a multitude of sugarcane trucks have been using the Circumferential Highway as a parking area as they wait their turn to unload at the First Farmers Holding Corporation, based in Barangay Dos Hermanas, Talisay City. This is not an excuse to park along the highway, especially with most of them there for several days. Some drivers have even claimed they do not have sufficient food.
These trucks are no longer “parking,” they now reside along the highway.
Some drivers have also said their actions are the result of a request made by representatives of the sugar mill.
It would appear they have taken the law into their own hands. If the Land Transportation Office (LTO) or the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) were to apprehend, they should have no regrets.
In addition, these trucks are not equipped with required early warning devices, nor do they utilize their parking lights.
They must be removed from the highway.
Where are they supposed to park? They need to figure that out for themselves instead of asking the government to give them exemptions.
Although, it would appear, sugar planters are seeking a dialogue with the LTO regarding the said trucks. For what? To make a deal? The LTO will not conform to some bargain that would allow this situation to continue, if they do, they’ll be sacked by President Rodrigo Duterte.
It’s better to be obedient.

* * *
There are many ignorant drivers who are unaware slow-moving vehicles, tricycles, and motorcycles belong in the right lane. Many of them occupy the left or center lanes, which are considered the “fast lane” or the “overtaking lane.”
This stems from either a lacking education by traffic authorities or a complete obliviousness of the rule.

* * *
The flyover along Araneta Street in Bacolod City is in its final stages and we want to know if traffic authorities understand the rules of a straight flyover.
If a correct system is not enforced, then the flyover is useless.
There is a proper system and it needs to be adapted (such errors are currently being utilized along the Mandalagan-Bata flyover).
To the city’s traffic authorities, please prepare for some lessons on the proper use of a straight flyover.

* * *
This column greets LTO Asec Edgar Galvante, Bluboy Duterte, Ray dela Paz, Meloy Mercado, Butch Ramirez, Atty. John Orola, Jr., Brenda Aranas-Tenk, Gerard Camina, Jojo Jamerlan, Roland Ramos, Maui dela Cruz, Danny Dangcalan, Renato Novero, Rodel Parcon, Sammy Montoyo, and Atty. Polvora./WDJ

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