Mabilog quo vadis?

Posted by watchmen
September 8, 2017
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“Persecution is the first law of society because it is always easier to suppress criticism than to meet it.” –Howard Mumford Jones
What I can see in the next chapter of the “most shabulized city” saga is embattled Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog walking ten feet tall and vindicated.
The events that will unfold–or has already unfolded–in the next days and weeks will prove that God is not sleeping and will never abandon the Ilonggos who have been equally tormented by the unfair and unworthy tag on their city.
The most persecuted local chief executive in the world will himself see the light at the end of the dark tunnel unmolested.
Except for cussing and denunciation from his accusers led by President Duterte, no charges have been filed against him; no concrete evidence has been put forward to back their allegations of “narco-politics.”
Once Mabilog hurdles this acid test in his personal and political life, he will be a stronger person. The persecution must have been designed by the Divine Providence in order to prepare him for a bigger role and battle in society.
With the all-out support of the Ilonggos and his family, Mabilog will finally overcome all the obstacles and weather the storm.
The decision of wife Marivic and their children to stay away and avoid the heat was a wise move. Even their critics will agree that they needed to secure themselves first as they’re up against a formidable opponent who can make life difficult for them.
So let us not begrudge Mabilog’s Ilonggo critics who air their sentiments and support President Duterte’s drive to weed out illegal drugs in the metropolis and those responsible for their proliferation.
I may not agree with some of their sardonic comments, especially in the social media, but I will defend to death their rights to express them.
Some of Mabilog’s Ilonggo bashers were actually his former allies and friends in the social and political circles. Although passions may have strained when Mabilog’s power and authority accelerated, at the end of the day, they may still have the best intentions for Mabilog and the splendid City of Love despite their belligerence.
Mabilog has proven to all and sundry that he isn’t vindictive. He can just shrug off the nightmare he has experienced from the Duterte administration.
It’s normal to get hurt when the cannonball is aimed at our direction, but in a free society we need opposition; we need critics.
There must be some paladins willing to swat the mosquitos. The bedrock of democracy lies in the freedom of speech and expression.
We should worry more on the President’s rigmarole and aggressive fusillades against the hapless Mabilog.
He may not be a holy man, but the flaks Mabilog has been absorbing all these past months were full of loopholes and inaccuracy.
If they were not half truths, they were downright hogwash pelted with hateful utterances.
Despite Mabilog’s docility, Presidente Duterte remained stern, unyielding, and unmoved by prayers and sacrifices.
You can’t fight city hall, but when the President groans, even the spirits in the River Styx capitulate.
Like Hades, who allowed Sisyphus to return to earth long enough to arrange his own funeral, Duterte wanted to condemn Mabilog to the underworld to forever roll a boulder uphill.
One morning when Mabilog wakes up, it’s back to normal. Life must go on with or without politics./WDJ

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