Do not give money to beggars –DSSD

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September 6, 2017
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Tero: They get used to begging instead of finding work


By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga

Bacolod City Department of Social Services and Development (DSSD) head Pacita Tero recently advised locals not to give money to beggars, citing an influx as the “-ber months” have started.

She said the reason they return to the city is solely because of the handouts, which gets them into the habit of asking for money instead of finding employment.

Tero added, in addition to the Christmas season, the upcoming MassKara Festival will likely attract even more beggars into the city.

She also noted, the city already has City Ordinance No. 146, or the Anti-mendicancy ordinance, on the books, which prohibits begging in the streets. Individuals caught giving money to beggars may face fines./DGB, WDJ

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