WDJ: 6 years and counting

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August 30, 2017
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It’s our birthday today! Watchmen Daily Journal turns six years old.
Looking back at the time since the paper started, it has been the faith and hard work put into the company – led by our boss, David Fajardo – that brought us to where we are now. Many were surprised when we introduced Boss Dave to the media circle, as he was a very young CEO. But many also see him as a man of vision.
As one of the senior staff members of WDJ, I have witnessed the struggle of establishing our name on the market; though, I would still say we are fighting for our name, but not like those days.
Having been in the industry for over a decade, I am proud to have spent that time with WDJ.
Early on in the company, I worked hard to affiliate my name with the paper – particularly in sports, which has been my comfort zone since entering the field. This is also because many in my circle still identify me with my former company.
Yes, it took at least three years to convince them WDJ is my new home.
Even in seminars, I am honored and thrilled to represent WDJ and using PDF files of our paper as part of my presentations. The effort has paid off in being able to influence many people, including students, local government units, companies, and the academe.
We are like Grade 1 pupils trying to inform the world, while others had a head start – with some already reaching the half-century mark. But, like school, we never stop learning and we grow every day and learn new lessons. It may not be easy to deal, with many different teachers coming with various approaches, however the important thing is absorbing their lessons, understanding our work, and convincing people to embrace us.
As they say, failure is a part of success. We struggle, but we learn to get up and continue to fight.
This is an industry where we cannot sit back and relax; it is meant for the most fit and those with the perseverance to stay in the race.
Let us stay positive and continue to work hard. We can reach our goals in God’s time.
Again, Happy 6th Anniversary, Watchmen Daily Journal! Stay fair without fear.

Birthday greetings as well to WDJ columnist and SCOOP Manila.net chief Robbie Pangilinan, Atty. Julian Carbon, Rocky Puentevella of Hometown Hotel, Vladimir Gonzalez of Lakawon Island Beach Resort, Jack Biantan of Cagayan de Oro, and Carlo Demigillo of Ceres-Negros FC./WDJ

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