Mabilog calls for unity among Ilonggos

Posted by watchmen
August 30, 2017

Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog encouraged residents to do their part in helping the government fight criminality, corruption and illegal drugs.

“Let us just continue to pray and surrender everything to the Lord and it is only through His will that this will be done. I also encourage every Ilonggo to do his part, do not only wait, and be vigilant and help the government in fighting illegal drugs,” said Mabilog after the City Hall’s flag ceremony yesterday.
Mabilog reiterated he has never protected any drug lord amid allegations that his name was included in the “narco-list.”
“This is my mandate and I have to finish it because if I stop, then that is not part of God’s plan for me to finish my term. In the first place, I know in myself that I have never protected anyone involved in drugs,” stressed Mabilog.
The mayor also encouraged the Ilonggos to support each other and cooperate in whatever programs and projects initiated by the different national agencies especially of the Philippine National Police and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).
Mabilog said he is hoping that President Rodrigo Duterte will be able to see the Iloilo City Government’s effort in fighting illegal drugs since he was elected as city mayor in 2010.
“We welcome the arrival of Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido. This would be an opportunity for the President to know through him about what we are doing and what we have done even before the President declared war on illegal drugs,” Mabilog said.
“Who knows that during Espenido’s stay here, he would be able to see the reality and he would be able to tell the whole country that we are helping each other to stop illegal drugs,” he added.
Mabilog said he will invite Espenido to visit City Hall to present to the latter the programs, projects and other activities initiated by the City Government against criminality, corruption and illegal drugs.
The mayor initiated various programs and activities for the campaign against illegal drugs including logistics and financial support to Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO) and PDEA-6 for pre-operations, during operation and post-operations on illegal drugs.
Mabilog also initiated the establishment of Community Change Center: The Crossroads, which is a community-based drug rehabilitation and treatment center in seven districts for drug surrenderees.
It is the first of its kind in the country in support of the war on drugs of President Duterte./WDJ


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