Isabela Mayor challenges Police Chief to improve performance Malabor: They don’t go to areas where there is problem

Posted by watchmen
August 24, 2017

By Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga

After coming in second to last place among the latest rankings of Negros Occidental police stations, Isabela Mayor Joselito Malabor challenged municipal police chief, Police Chief Inspector Ruben Pajarito, to improve the performance of local law enforcement.
Malabor called the police a partner in creating a “conducive environment for business.”
“Peace and security of a locality is vital to its growth,” he explained.
The mayor said he hopes to see the town, which is currently considered a second class municipality, to become a first class municipality in the next few years, noting the police are part and parcel to it happening.
Malabor also pointed out certain apprehensions of the local police force.
“They don’t go to areas where there is problem, as far as peace and security is concerned,” he stated. “This is a challenge for our local police.”
However, the mayor noted the police have recently made important arrests in the campaign against illegal drugs and he hopes they continue to strive for improvement.
Pajarito recently assumed the post from Police Chief Inspector Edfel Balibadlan./WDJ

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