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August 22, 2017
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They said we had nothing to fear from Duterte’s administration. They said if you are not a drug addict or a drug pusher, you’ll have nothing to fear because under Duterte’s watch, only the guilty will be punished.
But by now we know that many of the guilty were not even given the chance to be tried in a proper court because they were killed under mere suspicion, and sometimes even the innocent are murdered for the most insane reasons.
Kian Loyd delos Santos was only 17 when he died. Based on news reports, he was a good kid who’d watch over his parents’ mini-store. A story written about him said that there is an old woman who would buy pencils from them and he’d sharpen them for her so she won’t have to buy a sharpener. A street-kid also shared that whenever he’d watch TV outside the mini-store, Kian would turn up the volume so he could hear the television show well. He was, overall, a picture of a sweet kid. And he died, in the hands of police officers who even lie about how he died, painting him as a criminal.
But witnesses and the CCTV won’t lie. These are two things that should show just how messed up police operations are.
We hold those police officers accountable to Kian’s death. We hold the Chief of our Police accountable to the lapses of his men. But Police Chief Ronald dela Rosa gave an insincere sorry. It was insincere because despite saying he knows how painful it is for the family of murdered victims like Kian, he said that what’s more important for him is that his men are alive.
For his insincerity, for his own lapses and the lapses of the men under him, we hold the president accountable. This is on top of the president committing his own lapses too. When asked about the turnout of drug raids, he said it was good, never minding the slaughter of the innocent.
This is our president. But then again, from the beginning, the president’s campaign against illegal drugs had the blessing of majority of the electorate. He promised bloodshed, he promised killing one hundred thousand criminals and dumping their bodies into manila bay. From the beginning, he didn’t promise us that he’ll be champion of human rights. He was upfront about not caring about it. And yet, over 16 million people still voted for him.
When Kian’s father was interviewed, he was asked if he voted for Duterte as president. He didn’t answer the question directly, the news report only stated that he sighed and said “Mali, no?”
For so long the president has been undeterred, because he had the support of the majority.
So now we will wait for the day when this majority who shields him from accountability will realize the error of their judgment, and together with the minority who has been demanding due process from the very start, we will give justice where there is due./WDJ

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