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Posted by watchmen
August 14, 2017
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They say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Beauty is relative. A word that can never be exact as it depends on what a person perceives to be beautiful.
There were many times when we have forgiven a certain amount of “Ugly” simply because of the saying that beauty after all varies from eye to eye. Now who or what one deems to be attractive is something I wouldn’t fuss so much about as I would a certain line from the Preamble of the Constitution.
The Constitution is the highest law of the land, others may disagree but what’s stated in the preamble of the present constitution is everything I believe should be promised to the people. And yet despite the constitution being the law, we can all agree that certain authorities still walk around it with their dirty feet. Our only saving grace is perhaps the fact that it is law, and the preamble itself says we are entitled to a “just and humane society”, and if those we call our “leaders” fail to deliver this, we can always demand accountability, we can always say they have violated our laws.
But what if they find a way to tweak our laws into something more vague, something more relative that when the time comes we demand accountability, the first response we’d receive is “What exactly did we violate?”
What if more lives are lost in our attempt to achieve the kind of society our present leader and his cohort envision? What if we demand justice and all they say is this is in accordance to the constitution’s preamble that says we must work towards a “more perfect society”? What do we do then?
“A just and humane society”, these are the words they are trying to change. The five words put together that show just how far we have strayed from what is supposed to be the preamble or the introduction to our “laws”.
Without that kind of change in the preamble, and the constitution itself, we already see just how they stomp on our laws. For so long we have demanded that our president follow due process of law, especially in his drug war. If the only time he’d completely be a law abiding president is when he has altered the law of the land to suit his leadership, then I must say we should all take a rain−check on that.
What I deem to be a “more perfect society” is always a “just and humane society”, and I am not alone in thinking that./WDJ

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