The contributions made by Big Bikers

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July 27, 2017
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Today, we take the five-hour drive to Negros Oriental for a sports and road tourism event, expected to attract over 200 big bikers from across the Visayas.
Corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, government officials, politicians, investors, and retirees are among those who consider themselves “big bikers.” They own and ride expensive and elegant motorcycles, capable of reaching top speeds.
They treasure these big bikes and spend as much as possible just to maintain them.
Dumaguete City Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo will be hosting officials to a dinner at his home on Friday. He sees the potential of bringing such a gathering to his city, which is known as the “Motorcycle City of the Philippines.”
Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo is also a lover of big bikes and will co-host a dinner with the Visayas Confederation of Big Bikers.
Kawasaki executive Neil Concepcion told me people who promote road safety have witnessed the “inspiring love” for big bikes.
One seldom hears about a road accident involving a big bike.
It’s simple. These riders are conscious of road safety and they know what they are doing while on the road.
National Federation of Motorcycle Clubs Chairman Emeritus Manolet Lamata has led the federation to tremendous success, promoting camaraderie and road safety across the country. He is a “guiding father” to the thousands of big bikers in the Philippines.
Travel has been a big help to these bikers, exploring the highlands and lowlands of the country has given them an education experience into understanding he natural resources of the country.

This column greets JB Ongsingco, May Castro, Nep Grandea, Junjun Martir, Roland Catada Ramos, Renato Novero, Ruben Tampos, Francis Redil Villanueva, Tinton Javellana, Joy Jimenez, Tima Lacson, and Charles Lim./WDJ

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