Cadiz City, SJI win Tan Kek Pin badminton tournament

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July 26, 2017
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The Cadiz City Badminton Academy won nine gold medals at the recent 1st Tan Kek Pin Badminton Memorial Cup at the Pohang Badminton Center.

By Jerome S. Galunan, Jr.

The Cadiz City Badminton Academy and St. John’s Institute (SJI) recently earned nine gold medals each at the 1st Tan Kek Pin Badminton Memorial Cup at the Pohang Badminton Center.
Among the wins for Cadiz City were Kerr Longno in the men’s open singles event, Clarence Villaflor in U14 boys’ singles, Villaflor and John Vincent Saturinas in the U14 boys’ doubles, Lanz Louise Aguila in the U16 boys’ singles, John Mark Valenzuela in the U18 boys’ singles, Phoebe Jay Villaflor in the U16 girls’ singles, Jay Villaflor and Katrinamae Consing in the U16 girls’ doubles, Valerene Jane Marcial in the U8 girls’ singles, and Closea Jan Giabia and Roela Nicole Miravalles in the U8 girls’ doubles.
For SJI, Mary Annika Anglo won in the U10 girls’ singles, Brendan Lui Anglo in the U12 boys’ singles, Lui Anglo and Allen Yusay in the U12 boys’ doubles, Mia Go in the U12 girls’ singles, Mikaela Uy and Sophia Gustilo in the U14 girls’ doubles, Justin Anglo and Sean de Jesus in the U18 boys’ doubles, Ellana Tan in the U18 girls’ singles, Tan and Mia Manguilimotan in the women’s open doubles, and Manguilimotan and Pretzel Giana Ong in the U18 girls’ doubles.
The tournament’s namesake was a member of the Bacolod-Chinese Badminton Club, now the Flying Eagle Badminton Club, and his family business bankrolled a basketball team in the 1960s in the Bacolod-Chinese League, later known as the Negros Basketball Association./WDJ


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