Good roads get repaired, bad roads stay

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July 25, 2017
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While the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte has advocated for good governance, many question the actions by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and how they decide which roads are in need of repair or, as they call it, rehabilitation.
Just because there is a budget, it does not mean they should be destroying good roads just to have it re-concreted.
This is something witnessed across the country. With roads made with a mixture of cracked stones, it makes them the most durable and able to last for decades. It is shocking to see DPWH destroying these roads while other national roads are truly in need of repair.
Government money is wasted on infrastructure because “the road guarantee” lasts for three years – or one election period. Road repairs are a fundraising activity for those in power and the cost to the ordinary Filipino are incalculable.
Is there anybody in the DPWH that can justify these actions in order for the average taxpayer to understand their motivations?

Following the first year of Duterte’s presidency, it is likely he has observed performers and grandstanders in his administration – which means, heads will roll.
This president does not joke around when it comes to business and serving the Filipino people, both here and abroad. Even if critics pester him, he is not bothered.
However, why are there critics?
The lifestyle of living off pork barrel funds is not part of Duterte’s plan for the country and, because of that, those who have enjoyed luxurious lives in government have developed a grudge against the president.
Just visit his house in Davao City. The road outside is not well-paved and his green house is a modest residence.

By the time you read this, I will be in Davao City hosting the Davao Sports Tourism Forum at the Grand Men Seng Hotel.
Davao City is as peaceful as ever under Martial Law. The problem is those who were affected by Martial Law under the administration of former President Ferdinand Marcos imagine the situation is the same today. As they say, if you have no problems in society, then there is no need to worry.
While I am here, I have savored durian and enjoyed the smooth flow of traffic, thanks to the disciplined drivers of Davao City.

Bago City parents have been complaining about rampant bullying occurring at Notre Dame of Bago City. The entry of new students from other schools has negatively impacted the environment. Unfortunately, according to the parents, school officials do not know how to properly handling the issue of bullying.
Parents question if there is even a principal or guidance counselor at the school, saying administrators should be living up to the school tagline of “The school that builds good character.”
Calling the Department of Education.

This column greets Rene Cuajao, Maeng Penado, Tony Jimenez, Randy Ereneta, Kenneth Tirthdas, Francis Velez, Marlin Sanogal, Tony Cacho, Danny Dangcalan, and Mimir Guanco./WDJ

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